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Report on consumer’s valuation of e-commerce in France: anti-inflationary effect and vast choice

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In this paper commissioned by Amazon, Antoine Gracia Victoria, Celia Ruiz Mejia, Adrien Damade, Rebecca Winter and Kirsten Day study e-commerce in France. By means of a survey set up by Compass Lexecon and conducted by market research firm OpinionWay, the authors analyse the use of e-commerce by French consumers, as well as customers’ appreciation of the benefits from e-commerce to their overall shopping experience. The survey is supplemented by a quantitative analysis based on which the authors assess the impact of e-commerce on the prices paid by French consumers, online and offline.

The survey results show that French consumers widely recognise the benefits of e-commerce, foremost the vast choice, attractive prices, and time savings. In addition, the analysis of historical data shows that e-commerce growth operates an anti-inflationary effect, benefiting all consumers, whether they purchase online or in store.

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