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We're proud of our decades of experience.

The economic challenges facing the world’s biggest businesses have been the same throughout history. We know because we have been at their side for over four decades and counting, giving them the clarity they need.

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Lexecon Inc. was founded by Richard Posner, William Landes and Andrew Rosenfield. Dan Fischel and Dennis Carlton joined shortly after the formation of Lexecon.

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Lexecon affiliated with Lexecon Ltd. in London.

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Lexecon acquired by Nextera Enterprises.


Lexecon wins landmark Lexecon v Milberg Weiss decision before US Supreme Court, then trial before a jury.


Joe Kalt and The Economic Resource Group, Inc. joined Lexecon, opening the Harvard Square office.

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Jerry Hausman and Cambridge Economics joined Lexecon.


Lexecon acquired by FTI Consulting Inc.


Compass founded by Meg Guerin-Calvert, Janusz Ordover, Jon Orszag, Peter Orszag and Bobby Willig.


Compass acquired AES Consulting, LLC, providing Compass a San Francisco Office.


Compass acquired by FTI Consulting, Inc.


Experts Dan Rubinfeld and Rich Gilbert joined Compass.


Compass opened the Los Angeles office. Michael Katz joined Compass, which opened the Oakland office.


Compass and Lexecon combined to form Compass Lexecon, LLC


Compass Lexecon opened a New York office. Ben Klein joined Compass Lexecon, opening a Century City office.

2 0 1 0 s


Rob Engle, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, joined Compass Lexecon. Janusz Ordover named "Economist of the Year" by the Global Competition Review (GCR).


Compass Lexecon expanded intel by acquiring key economic practices from LECG including Jorge Padilla and the European competition practice, and Darin Lee and Dan Kasper and their airline practice. Compass Lexecon acquired offices in Madrid, Paris, Brussels, London and Buenos Aires.


Jorge Padilla named "Economist of the Year" by the Global Competition Review (GCR).


Compass Lexecon expands by acquiring the Princeton Economics Group. Compass Lexecon opened the Dusseldorf office, its' fifth office in Europe.


Dennis Carlton named "Economist of the Year" by the Global Competition Review (GCR).


Compass Lexecon named "Competition Economics Firm of the Year" by Who’s Who Legal (WWL), which would continue for the next 9 years. Janusz Ordover named "Competition Economist of the Year" by Who’s Who Legal (WWL).


Compass Lexecon opened a Hong Kong office. Janusz Ordover named "Competition Economist of the Year" again by Who’s Who Legal (WWL). Neil Dryden named "Economist of the Year" by Global Competition Review (GCR).


Professor Janusz Ordover named "Competition Economist" of the Year by Who's Who Legal (WWL) for the third straight year. Compass Lexecon opens an office in Berlin.


Compass Lexecon expands by opening a Helsinki office, bolstering services in the Nordic region.


Compass Lexecon expands its international arbitration practice by opening a Miami office.

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Compass Lexecon entered into a joint marketing agreement to open a new competition and international arbitration office in Santiago, Chile.


Compass Lexecon opened offices in Beijing and Singapore to serve clients in the Asia Pacific region.


Compass Lexecon opened two more European offices in Copenhagen and Milan.


Compass Lexecon ranked as a Band 1 firm in the Chambers & Partners litigation support – economic analysts global category, which would continue until present day.


Compass Lexecon named "Competition Economics Firm of the Year" 2021 by Who's Who Legal for the seventh year.


For the third year, Compass Lexecon was ranked by Chambers & Partners as a leading "Band 1" firm globally in Litigation Support – Economic Analysts. Compass Lexecon ranks first in GAR 100 Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index for the 5th year in a row.


Compass Lexecon hires Yvette Austin-Smith as Chair of Global Finance Practice.


Mark Israel is named "Economist of the Year" by Global Competition Review and is named President of Compass Lexecon.


Compass Lexecon Named Competition Economics Firm of the Year 2023 by WWL for the 9th Year.


Lorenzo Coppi, Neil Dryden, and Kirsten Edwards-Warren appointed as Co-Heads of Compass Lexecon's EMEA practice.


Compass Lexecon ranked as Elite Competition Economics Consultancy in the 2024 GCR 100

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As a leading global economic consulting firm, Compass Lexecon provides law firms, corporations, and government clients with critical insight into legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions, and public policy debates.

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