Manufacturers across a variety of industries rely on Compass Lexecon’s global team of economic consultants for analysis and potential expert testimony in litigation and regulatory matters.

Our economic consultants have substantial experience conducting analyses and providing expert testimony for manufacturing clients facing merger review, antitrust litigation, and intellectual property challenges.

Compass Lexecon’s experts conduct industry-specific economic analyses involving:

  • Market definition
  • Delivery distances
  • Customer overlap
  • Capacity constraints
  • Theories of harm
  • Economic damages
  • Information exchanges
  • Price fixing claims
  • Monopolization claims
  • Tying/bundling claims

In each engagement, Compass Lexecon economists apply deep expertise in industrial organization, finance, and econometrics to address the economic effects of alleged conduct. When required, our economic experts present relevant analyses to courts and regulatory agencies including the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the European Commission, and other competition authorities.

Compass Lexecon’s global footprint allows our economic consultants to assist manufacturing clients around the world in navigating complex litigation and regulatory challenges. Regardless of what they manufacture or where they are located, clients can rely on our economic consultancy for expert advice and testimony backed by detailed and innovative analysis.


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