Class Certification


Compass Lexecon’s economic consultants provide the sophisticated advice and meticulous analyses required to assist both plaintiffs and defendants in navigating the complex demands of class action litigation.

Our expert economists evaluate evidence in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Securities, addressing issues such as:
    • Market efficiency with respect to fraud-on-the-market claims
    • Loss causation
    • Class conflicts
    • Estimating individual class member damages with a single model
  • Antitrust, e.g., determining whether common evidence can establish class-wide impact

In addition to their specialist knowledge of these areas, Compass Lexecon’s economic experts employ advanced skills in econometric modeling and economic analysis, as well as data management, pioneering new techniques when required.

Building on these capabilities, our economic consultants comprehensively assess evidence and guide clients – whether plaintiffs or defendants – to successful class certification outcomes.


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