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As a leading global economic consulting firm, Compass Lexecon provides law firms, corporations, and government clients with critical insight into legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions, and public policy debates.

Full-circle knowledge

Our experience and expertise apply to virtually any question of economics, in any legal or business context, and in any industry.

Critical economic issues – whether in connection with litigation, regulatory review, strategic planning, or other corporate activities – are best understood when subjected to rigorous empirical analysis. Our economic experts develop a thorough understanding of each issue, relate it to economic theory, and support their analysis with solid empirical evidence.








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Our story

Established in 1977, Compass Lexecon has grown to become a globally pre-eminent economic consulting firm.

Culture & Values

Compass Lexecon’s culture embodies core values of integrity, excellence, and collaboration. Everyone at Compass Lexecon has the opportunity to realize their full potential, collaborating with and learning from the brightest minds in the business. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Our success as a leading global economic consulting firm requires attracting the best people from every talent pool. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and high-performing culture in which all employees can grow their careers and achieve their full potential.

We’re looking to work with the brightest minds

Compass Lexecon is internationally recognized as a leading economic and financial consulting firm. We provide law firms, corporations, and government clients with clear analysis of complex issues.

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