Policy & Regulation


Compass Lexecon’s economic experts provide analysis of policy and regulatory issues on behalf of individual companies, trade associations, and governmental agencies, together with testimony when required.

Compass Lexecon’s economists assist clients in any industry with public policy issues, representing them in public hearings when required. Our experts also provide analysis to support regulators’ policy-making. Areas where we provide economic consulting include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Regulatory and policy reform
  • Analysis of proposed legislation
  • Tort liability
  • Forecasting
  • Finance
  • Competition in regulated industries

Our economic experts draw on years of experience of policy and regulatory issues, and of the advanced economics and modeling techniques required to provide authoritative analysis. They are respected not only for their track record of advice and testimony, often in groundbreaking matters, but also for their authorship of influential articles and studies on regulatory topics from decarbonization to subprime lending.

Organizations worldwide know that they can count on Compass Lexecon for authoritative economic consultancy and compelling, fact-based testimony. That is true of everyone from private companies affected by a policy or regulation to public agencies needing to design a new policy or regulation, or to evaluate the effects of an existing one.


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