Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, Compass Lexecon’s economic experts provide advice on competition policy, economic and financial regulation, public policy, and assessment of damages.

Our Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai offices serve as the hub for Compass Lexecon’s work throughout the Asia Pacific region, connecting our regional economic experts with the extensive resources available in our American and European offices. Our presence in almost all major jurisdictions enables us to provide coherent global strategies that are tailored to regional needs.

Critical economic issues are best understood when subjected to rigorous, situation-specific analysis. Our economic consultants combine empirical analysis with a deep understanding of Asia Pacific business norms, historical contexts, and industry structures and practices.

We work on investigations that involve various competition authorities throughout the region, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”), the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Japanese Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KTFC) and the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (TFTC), the Hong Kong Competition Commission (HKCC), the Competition & Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) , among others.

We evaluate proposed mergers and acquisitions across industries on behalf of both private parties and government agencies in the Asia Pacific. We are retained to review horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions around the globe, with analyses tailored to the relevant jurisdiction(s) and regulatory regime(s).

For litigations, we provide expert advice and testimony in complex antitrust and IP matters and advise both defendants and plaintiffs on case strategy, preparing economic submissions to authorities and expert reports, assessing exposure, and calculating damages.

Our professionals have served as chief or principal economists at government agencies across the Asia Pacific region and in the U.S. and EU. We also leverage the expertise of numerous high-profile academic affiliates around the world, including Nobel Prize winners.

Our Asia teams consist of many highly skilled Ph.D. economists and econometricians who speak the local languages and understand local business norms. Our European and American teams also advise clients in the Asia Pacific and include economists with professional experience in the region.

APAC services

  1. Damages

    We deliver independent, objective analyses to evaluate damages and proposed settlements for a broad range of clients.
  2. Intellectual Property

    Our IP analyses are founded on a deep understanding of innovation economics and financial and empirical analysis.
  3. International Trade

    Our global team of economists provides expert testimony and advice to clients navigating international trade disputes.

APAC offices

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