22 Jun 2023 Articles

The Transformation of EU Competition Law: Next Generation Issues

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Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla authored a chapter for the Kluwer Law International book on Neoclassical Competition Policy Without Apology, which captures drawings on the presentations at the 2022 Annual Conference of the Global Competition Law Center (GCLC) at the College of Europe in Bruges.


The Transformation of EU Competition Law is a compendium assessing the successes and failures of the prevailing ‘modernisation’ policy and setting forth a range of potential legal adaptations designed to offer the right responses to a rapidly changing world by reviewing the current situation. The controversy surrounding EU competition rules has multiplied lately. Pressure from such phenomena as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and the digital economy have fostered a fragmentation in the interpretation of the rules at both national and EU levels.

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Jorge Padilla, Kluwer Law International, The Transformation of EU Competition Law: Next Generation Issues (2023), https://law-store.wolterskluwer.com/s/product/the-transformation-of-eu-competition-law/01t4R00000OkilFQAR

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