17 Oct 2023 Articles

Merger Control in the Digital Age Series: Is Merger Control Working?

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In collaboration with Competition Policy International (CPI), we are delighted to introduce this three-part documentary that explores the intense debate around merger control in the digital age.

In this series, we sit down with top antitrust experts from the EU and UK to discuss the effectiveness of merger control in the digital age. They share valuable insights on different theories of harm, the challenges authorities face when evaluating mergers and remedies, the potential for emerging analytic tools, and the merits of potential reforms.

Special thank you to Julie Carlson, Alexandre de Streel, Tomaso Duso, Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Carles Esteva Mosso, Cani Fernández, Guillaume Loriot, Massimo Motta, Andreas Mundt, Jorge Padilla, Joe Perkins, Kadambari Prasad, Rameet Sangha, David Sevy, Sandro Shelegia, Martijn Snoep, Mike Walker and Richard Whish for contributing to this series.

Watch the full series here
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

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