16 Oct 2003 Articles

Lexecon Telecommunications Expert Edits Book

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Allan Shampine, one of Lexecon's experts on telecommunications, has edited a book entitled
Down to the Wire: Studies in the Diffusion and Regulation of Telecommunications Technologies (Nova Press, 2003). The book contains research covering the regulation of both new and legacy telecommunications technologies, and the means for regulators to encourage and manage innovation. The contributors are Debra Aron (Northwestern University), Johannes Bauer (Michigan State University), Peter Bernstein (RCF Consulting, Inc.), David Burnstein (LECG, Inc.), Robert Crandall (Brookings Institution), Nicholas Economides (New York University), W. Wayne Fu (Nanyang Technological University), Shane Greenstein (Northwestern University), Charles Jackson (Jackson Telecom Consulting), Junghyun Kim (Michigan State University), Donald Kridel (University of Missouri at St. Louis), Mercedes Lizardo (Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo), Paul Rappoport (Temple University), Allan Shampine (Lexecon Inc.), Pablo Spiller (University of California, Berkeley), Lester Taylor (University of Arizona), and Steven Wildman (Michigan State University).

A new version of Compass Lexecon is available.