01 Aug 2023 Cases

Compass Lexecon publishes study assessing opportunities for development of small nuclear reactors (SMRs) in France

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Compass Lexecon was instructed by EDF to analyse the opportunities and potential benefits related to the development of a series of NUWARD SMRs in France, in the context of energy transition.

New nuclear small modular reactor technology (SMRs) can provide a low-carbon solution complementary to other sources of low-carbon energy production. Compass Lexecon carried out a fact-based study, published on EDF's website (here), to inform discussions on the development of such SMRs and their contribution to France's decarbonisation goals.

The study analyses the opportunities related to the development of a series of NUWARD SMRs in France, from 2035 onwards. It explores the potential contribution of SMRs both for low-carbon electricity generation as well as for heat and hydrogen production. A series of potential use cases are modelled and illustrate the potential market of this new technology. The report further sets out the socio-economic and environmental externalities linked with the development of SMRs. This includes a comparison of the environmental impact of SMRs with that of the French nuclear sector, as well as the effects on employment and on industries. Finally, the study highlights the conditions needed for the successful development of SMRs, such as supportive public policies and an adequate regulatory framework.

The Compass Lexecon team was led by energy expert Fabien Roques and included Florian Bourcier and Julio Quintela Casal.

Read the full paper here

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