12 Apr 2024 Awards

Compass Lexecon Recognized in 2024 GCR Awards

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Compass Lexecon economists have been recognized by Global Competition Review in the annual GCR Awards for their work on several matters. The GCR awards honor major antitrust and competition cases from the past year and were presented at a ceremony that took place in Washington, DC in April 2024.

Compass Lexecon teams globally advised on the following winning matters:

  • Matter of the year: Microsoft/Activision – Compass Lexecon assisted the merging parties Microsoft and Activision during the merger proceedings with a team comprised of Dennis Carlton, Yoad Shefi, Joseph Goodman, Junyan Guan, Phil Haile, Ali Hortacsu, Genaro Marquez, Dan O’Brien, Michael Sabor, Theresa Sullivan, Jonnie Tompkins, Tal Wolfson, and Ali Yurukoglu. Find out more here.
  • Merger control matter of the year – APMEA: VMware/Broadcom – Compass Lexecon advised Broadcom. The team included Nathan Wilson, Jeremy Sandford, Jorge Padilla, Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Elizabeth Wang, Ian MacSwain, Michael Sabor, Rodrigo Montes, Elad Zigelman, Carlos Paez, Holly Bourque, Philipp Eibl, Andrew Swan, Guillaume Duquesne, Paul Armstrong, Fabrizio Vasselli, Kirsten Abeln, Aiden Lo, Edward Bond, James Forster, Benoit Voudon, Ying Li, Alessandro Castellani, Rob Leith, Anir Eddarifi, Chris Marshall, Sakshi Mital, Peer Schulze, Jeffrey Tan, Sophie Yang, Daisy Sun, Yujie Qian, Nancy Wang, Verdi Choo, Qiheng Chen, Sharon Jiang, Janice Shiu, Gale Chen, Francisco Camp, and Jane Feng. Find out more
  • Merger control matter of the year – Americas: Microsoft/Activision – Per above, Compass Lexecon assisted the merging parties Microsoft and Activision during the merger proceedings. Find out more here.
  • Litigation of the year – Non-cartel defence: Jones v PGA Tour – Compass Lexecon assisted the PGA Tour. The team included Mark Israel, Gilad Levin, and Gloriana Alvarez.
  • Behavioural matter of the year – Americas: US v Google – Compass Lexecon assisted Google with President Mark Israel testifying in court. The team included Bryan Keating, Ka Hei Tse, Ian MacSwain, Dzmitry Asinski, Maya Meidan, John Campbell, and Alice O’Donnell.

Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Compass Lexecon’s EMEA Practice, Kirsten Edwards-Warren, was also awarded ‘Economist of the Year’ for 2024. Kirsten is the sixth Compass Lexecon expert to receive the award, preceded by Mark Israel (2023), Neil Dryden (2016), Dennis Carlton (2014), Jorge Padilla (2012), and Janusz Ordover (2011). Find out more here.

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