Vendela Fehrm is a Senior Vice President with Compass Lexecon based in Oakland, CA. Vendela specializes in applying statistical analysis to large datasets and has managed case teams to support affiliates in all phases of litigation, including preparation of expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony. Her experience spans the areas of securities, antitrust, telecommunications, health care, false advertising, and intellectual property. Vendela has assessed statistical sampling and extrapolation methodologies in residential mortgage-backed securities litigation; constructed regression models for pricing mortgage-backed securities; conducted event studies and investor trading modeling to evaluate damages; evaluated allegations of price-fixing; and calculated shareholder losses attributable to fraudulent financial statements. She has worked in the development, administration, and analysis of surveys in consumer protection and trademark matters. In the telecommunications sphere, Vendela has worked on cases involving a bankruptcy proceeding, supporting expert on the valuation of businesses sold in the liquidation. She has conducted stock valuations related to wireless spectrum holdings and has also supported affiliates in modeling the economic incentives of high-speed internet service providers.