In matters relating to sports, Compass Lexecon economists combine deep antitrust experience with extensive knowledge of labor economics. Our experts are uniquely positioned to bring analytical skills and economic tools to bear on all aspects of sports-related antitrust, competition, and valuation issues encompassing players, tournaments, team movements, TV rights, and sports memorabilia/collectibles.

Clients have enlisted our expertise in matters involving a variety of sports-related issues, including the alleged monopolization of the post-season college basketball market; disputes about the value of regional sports networks to distributors; disputes over the relevant antitrust market for college athletics; and the question of whether restrictions on the number and value of scholarships offered by colleges limited competition in a labor market.

Our firm also has conducted research on sports-related issues, including estimating the economic returns to participation in athletics in high school and college, assessing the financial performance of athletic departments at Division I schools, the financial impact of switching from Division II to Division I, and potential changes in revenue associated with athletic expenditures by colleges and universities.

Compass Lexecon economists provide clients with expert testimony (both in court and in arbitration), regulatory support, and consulting and policy research in sports-related matters in areas including:

  • Class Certification
  • Market Definition
  • Price Fixing
  • Monopolization and Abuse of Dominant Position
  • Exclusionary Conduct
  • Damages
  • Asset Valuation