Compass Lexecon has evaluated hundreds of proposed mergers and acquisitions across a broad range of industries on behalf of both private parties and government agencies. Our experts are renowned for academic excellence, experience framing merger policy at regulatory bodies, and commitment to the highest quality work. We are retained to review horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions around the globe, with analyses tailored to the relevant jurisdiction(s) and regulatory regime(s).

We can advise on the competition aspects of your transaction from conception to completion. We prepare risk assessments to help with strategic acquisition decisions, SPA negotiations, and acquisition tenders. Once a deal is agreed, we support our clients through the relevant investigations by competition authorities, from pre-notification through to filing and all stages of investigation and, if necessary, appeals. Finally, we help with remedy design and approval.

We work with our clients to develop an economically sound and credible strategy for dealing with the relevant agencies, focused on achieving the client’s desired outcomes. This involves deeply understanding the client’s industry; the key parameters of competition; and the process by which competitive variables, such as prices, product characteristics, quality, and innovation are determined. We synthesize this information into a coherent economic framework for assessing the effects of the transaction. Within this framework, we design and implement economic analyses to provide a robust evidence base to advance our clients’ cases.

These analyses may include pricing studies, customer switching analyses, bidding studies, SSNIP tests, and merger simulations. Regardless of how simple or sophisticated the analysis, we ensure our work is careful, accurate, and presented in a clear and compelling manner.

We work on both the buy-side and the sell-side of deals, and often work jointly for both/all parties to a transaction. Our clients value our flexibility and our depth and breadth of experience. We are well-equipped to advise on the largest multi-jurisdictional deals, in which we mobilize a global team across our offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We also advise on a large number of national deals directed by economists with significant local-level expertise, including ex-officials from the U.S. DOJ, U.S. FTC, the European Commission’s DG Comp, and the UK, French, and Hong Kong authorities. We can offer you the right team to support you through the merger control process, regardless of the size, industry, or nature of your deal.