01 Nov 2022 Articles

The Guide to Life Sciences: An Economist's Perspective

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Economists John Davies, Valérie Meunier, Rameet Sangha and David Sevy recently authored a chapter in the first edition of Global Competition Review's The Guide to Life Sciences.


This chapter addresses the following competition issues, from an economics perspective, as they relate to the pharmaceutical industry:

  • exploitative abuse of a dominant position through excessive pricing; and
  • excluding actual or potential/nascent competitors via:
    • rebates and discounts; and
    • killer acquisitions.

The authors explore how good economic analysis of exploitative abuse of dominant positions can be surprisingly complex, but can assist companies or third parties bring relevant evidence to the authorities attention and successfully influence policy.

Read the full chapter here

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Davies, J., Meunier, V., Sangha, R., & Sevy, D. (2022). An Economist's Perspective. The Guide to Life Sciences, First Edition.


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