03 Nov 2021 News

FCC Chief Economist Glenn Woroch Rejoins Compass Lexecon

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Compass Lexecon is delighted to welcome back Dr. Glenn Woroch, an internationally recognized expert in the economics of the telecommunications industry, following his appointment in September 2020 as Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”).

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Woroch has served as an expert witness on matters involving monopolization claims, mergers, intellectual property infringement, antitrust class actions, Robinson-Patman Act claims, and commercial damages. His engagements often involve competitive analysis in network industries or platform markets.

Prior to his FCC appointment, beginning in 2008, Dr. Woroch had served as a Senior Consultant to Compass Lexecon. Over that period, he was engaged as an expert by private and government clients on matters involving litigation and regulatory policy. Prominent among those matters were large telecommunications mergers (T-Mobile-Sprint, CenturyLink-Level 3, AT&T-Time Warner) and regulatory actions (deregulation of Business Data Services).

Dr. Woroch commented: “I was privileged to contribute to the formation of FCC policy when the pandemic made connectivity of all Americans a critical national priority. I now look forward to resuming my collaboration with Compass Lexecon’s world-class group of experts and talented staff.

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