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Event Synopsis: Concurrences Antitrust Horizon: Meet the Enforcers Conference 2023

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On 5 October, Executive Vice President, Kirsten Edwards-Warren, was a moderator for the Concurrences Antitrust Horizon: Meet the Enforcers conference in Brussels. The panel discussion included Inge Bernaerts, Director of Policy and Strategy for DG Comp, Sarah Cardell, CEO of the UK CMA, and fellow moderator, Richard Blewett, Partner at Clifford Chance.

Key points of discussion
Inge Bernaerts
  • DMA implementation – Gatekeeper designations and market investigations
  • Compliance and dialogue with gatekeepers
  • Future designations and litigation considerations
  • Learning points
  • Assessing the DMA’s success
  • New Market Definition Notice
  • Review of the procedural framework in antitrust
  • Emphasis on pre-closing merger review
  • Potential transformation of the 2008 Guidance on enforcement priorities with regard to exclusionary conduct to Guidelines
Sarah Cardell
  • EU and the UK’s regulatory bodies’ approach to digital market challenges
  • UK’s Digital Market Competition and Consumers Bill (DMCC)
  • Studies as a tool for the designation process
  • UK’s review process for phase two merger reviews
  • CMA’s stocktake exercise to review its merger review process
  • Comity in UK merger control analysis
  • CMA’s team organisation

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