28 Oct 2020 Events

Competition Policy: Time for a Reset?

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Virtual Conference | 10 - 12 November 2020 (15:30 - 17:00 GMT)

Experts Kirsten Edwards-Warren and Neil Dryden will join panel discussions at the annual Chatham House Competition Policy Conference.

Competition policy and regulation have relatively clearly defined goals, including the enhancement of consumer welfare and the pursuit of market efficiency. In the current hyper-politicized environment, the challenge for competition authorities is how to pursue these goals while navigating political pressures and public sentiments that have the capacity to influence competition policy and enforcement decisions.

The annual Chatham House Competition Policy conference will assess how thinking on antitrust and market regulation is being reshaped in the prevailing political context, nationally and internationally, and amid the influence of non-competition factors, including industrial policy and trade objectives.

Discussion themes include:

  • The relationship between competition policy and industrial policy
  • Attitudes to merger controls and the politics of international mergers
  • Competition and the digitalization of the global economy
  • Enforcement measures and non-competition objectives

This conference is part of the Chatham House LIVE series and will be hosted online and on the record.


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