Compass Lexecon Executive Vice Presidents Mary Coleman and David Weiskopf Co-Author a Chapter in the First Edition of GCR’s Guide to Merger Remedies

Global Competition Review recently published the first edition of The Guide to Merger Remedies. The book includes a chapter co-authored by Drs. Mary Coleman and David Weiskopf in the first part of the book focused on overarching principles and considerations titled “Economic Analysis of Merger Remedies”. The authors note that merger remedies that reliably target the source of competitive harm allow society to reap the benefits of efficiency-enhancing mergers that would, in the absence of remedies, raise competitive concerns. They consider economic issues that arise in developing merger remedies including the distinction between current antitrust enforcement agency practice and how agencies should, from an economic perspective, develop remedies.

An extract of Chapter 2: Economic Analysis of Merger Remedies from the first edition of GCR’s The Guide to Merger Remedies, first published in August 2018, is available here.

The whole publication is available here.