David A. Weiskopf

Executive Vice President

Washington, DC

David Weiskopf is an Executive Vice President at Compass Lexecon and a member of the faculties at the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati and Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Weiskopf specializes in industrial organization, microeconomic analysis, consumer behavior, applied econometrics and statistics, and labor economics. He has testified as an expert witness in private litigation regarding antitrust issues, economic damages, and consumer behavior. Dr. Weiskopf has also published articles on merger simulation, demand estimation, market definition for intermediate goods, merger remedies, and consumer complaint rates, among others. He has presented theoretical and empirical papers at academic conferences and has co-authored numerous economic studies that were presented to antitrust enforcement agencies around the world. Dr. Weiskopf has led a number of engagements evaluating competitive effects as part of merger reviews. He has also consulted on a number of matters involving allegations of monopolization, market foreclosure, conspiracy/price-fixing, and exclusive dealing/refusal to deal as well as on employment and consumer protection matters. He has served clients in a variety of industries and sectors, including consumer products, department stores, building materials, oilfield services, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, funeral homes, supermarkets, movie theaters, petrochemicals, plastics and chemical distribution, and flour milling.

Dr. Weiskopf received a PhD in Economics from Vanderbilt University where he specialized in the fields of industrial organization and econometrics.

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    • PhD in Economics, Vanderbilt University
    • MA in Economics, Vanderbilt University
    • MA in Geography, State University of New York
    • BA in Sociology, Franklin & Marshall College

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