Tully Lillis

Vice President


Tully Lillis is a Vice President with Compass Lexecon based in Oakland, CA. Prior to joining Compass Lexecon, Mr. Lillis received his BA in Economics with High Distinction from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Lillis has worked on a wide variety of complex litigation and regulatory matters and has extensive experience evaluating antitrust issues in contexts including: Antitrust Class Action, DOJ/FTC Investigation, M&A Review, and Competitive Market Foreclosure. His case experience includes considerable focus in the pharmaceutical sector where he has led teams in the evaluation of liability, and damages relating to issues of allegations of reverse settlement payments, product hopping, bundled product discounts, and predatory pricing. Among other things, Mr. Lillis’s work has also covered payment systems, aircraft manufacturing, collegiate and professional sports, energy, and electronics. He has also on numerous occasions evaluated the competitive effects of proposed mergers and joint ventures and assisted in the presentation of these topics before the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. He has significant experience with complex data analyses, the preparation of expert reports and testimony, in both deposition and trial settings.

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    • BA in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

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