Sébastien Grotto

Sébastien Grotto

  • Berlin
  • MSc in Economics of Markets and Organisations, Toulouse school of Economics
  • BSc in Economics, Toulouse school of Economics

Sébastien Grotto is an Economist at Compass Lexecon, based in Berlin.

Sébastien’s work focuses on the application of economic analysis and econometric techniques to competition policy cases, including the assessment of the competitive effects of mergers, antitrust cases, and the estimation of damages. His experience covers a wide range of industries including insurance, services to investors, building materials, and transportation, among others.

Sébastien has been involved in a number of competition cases before the European Commission and the UK CMA. He is also part of the team that estimates damages for a heavy truck manufacturer in the context of litigation proceedings.

Sébastien is fluent in English and French. He holds a Master’s in Economics of Markets and Organisations and a Bachelor’s in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics.