Richard A. Posner


Richard A. Posner, Co-founder of Lexecon, is a former Law Professor and Seventh Circuit Judge. Judge Posner spent a decade employed by various branches of the federal government, including the Solicitor General’s Office. 

He was also an associate professor at Stanford Law School and then a full professor at the University of Chicago Law School where he remained until his appointment to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in 1981. 

Judge Posner was equally prolific and influential in his 35+ year judicial career, having published over 3,300 opinions on a wide range of subjects. His opinions are routinely studied for their insights, creativity, and elegant writing style by students of law around the country and the world. 

As a law professor, he participated extensively in litigation, mainly as an expert witness, and also founded the Journal of Legal Studies and wrote numerous books, articles, and, with Nobel laureate Gary Becker, many blog posts. Judge Posner is widely recognized as the most influential legal academic of his time, many would say of all time.

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    • LLB, Harvard University
    • AB, Yale University

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