Juan Carlos Bisso

Juan Carlos Bisso

  • Madrid
Vice President
  • PhD in Economics, University of Virginia
  • MA in Economics, University of Virginia
  • BA in Economics, Universidad del Pacífico

Juan Carlos is a Vice President at Compass Lexecon based in Madrid.

Juan Carlos specializes in the application of economic analysis to energy markets, damage estimation, and disputes resolution. Within energy markets, Juan Carlos has closely followed the regulatory framework for renewable generation in the Iberian market. He has worked on several cases involving damage estimation, price forecasting, and valuation. He has also advised clients and provided economic support on various legal proceedings in Spain.

Juan Carlos developed dispatch and price models for wholesale electricity markets, which have been used to determine the effects of various regulatory policies, the value of large-scale storage systems (e.g., batteries and pumped storage facilities), and the optimal technological generation mixes. He has also advised electricity generators on bidding strategies for wholesale and ancillary markets and provided on-site training sessions on economic matters.

Prior to working on energy markets, Juan Carlos worked for the Peruvian Telecommunications Agency, providing advice and economic analysis on antitrust and dispute resolution matters. During this time, he worked on the largest antitrust case resolved in Peru.

Juan Carlos earned his Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Economics from the University of Virginia, where he specialized in the fields on Industrial Organisation, Law and Economics, and Applied Microeconomics.