Carolina Ortega

Academic Affiliate


Carolina Ortega is an Academic Affiliate at Compass Lexecon’s European competition policy practice, based in Madrid, and Professor of Economics at the National University of Tucumán (Argentina), where she teaches Econometrics and Industrial Economics. Prior to this, she held positions as a Consultant at LECG, as a research officer at University College London and as a research assistant at the Foundation for Applied Economic Research (FEDEA).

Her work focuses on the application of economic analysis and econometric techniques to competition policy issues. She has worked on various cases in front of the European Commission and national European and Latin American authorities, covering a range of industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and consumer goods. Her work has included the application of empirical models to estimate damages in price fixing investigations and to evaluate the competitive impact of mergers.

She holds a PhD and a Master in Economics from Universidad de Alcalá, where she specialised in applied economic analysis. She has published in a number of academic journals including the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Population Economics and the Spanish Economic Review.

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    • PhD in Economics, Alcalá University
    • MSc in Economics, Alcalá University

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