In the rapidly changing communications environment, independent, reliable economic analysis is fundamental to address the complex business and regulatory matters and regulations involving the telecommunications industry. Compass Lexecon performs a wide variety of economic analyses related to voice and data services, the Internet, fiber-optic networks, telecommunications equipment, patents and other areas. Our work in these matters involves, among other things, the evaluation of mergers and acquisitions, analysis of corporate structure and corporate governance, intellectual property analysis, the pricing of network interconnection and network elements, the evaluation of the impact of new products and services on consumer welfare, and the estimation of damages.

Our experts have testified in state and federal courts and presented our analyses before the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Justice, and a wide variety of state and international regulatory commissions.

Compass Lexecon has telecommunications and media expertise in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Antitrust – Compass Lexecon has performed a wide variety of antitrust analyses related to telecommunications and media. We have provided critical analysis of mergers and acquisitions as well as private antitrust actions involving telecommunications, wireless services, video services and regulatory obligations.
  • Civil Litigation – Compass Lexecon economists have been involved in a variety of civil lawsuits related to telecommunications and media. These cases include private antitrust suits, breach of contract issues, and estimation of damages.
  • Intellectual Property – Compass Lexecon has been involved in intellectual property proceedings such as patent, trade, copyright, and royalty cases as well as licensing negotiations and strategy.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Compass Lexecon has been involved in many of the largest and most influential mergers in the telecommunications industry, including the AT&T-BellSouth, SBC-AT&T, Verizon-MCI, SBC-Ameritech, Bell Atlantic-GTE, Qwest-US West, Comcast-NBCU, and AT&T-Time Warner mergers. Compass Lexecon also provides analyses of the antitrust implications of mergers being considered by potential acquirers.
  • Regulatory Proceedings – Compass Lexecon has been involved in regulatory proceedings at all levels, including presenting before the Federal Communications Commission and state and international regulatory commissions. These proceedings have involved such matters as cost calculations, pricing, spectrum regulation, ownership requirements, and many other regulatory issues.