Against the backdrop of a highly dynamic environment that can rapidly disrupt the business models and market positions of participants, Compass Lexecon has provided economic consulting and expert testimony to clients across multiple technology sectors.

Our economists have extensive experience assessing conduct in antitrust matters. We have been retained by companies across a wide variety of sub-sectors of the technology industry including the software sector (ranging from operating systems to highly specialized software products and mobile apps); the hardware sector (involving high-end servers, monitors, printers, computers, cloud storage, artificial intelligence); Internet of Things (IoT); mobile telephony; streaming and distribution of video and music content; transportation network companies (TNCs), sectors involving big data and multi-sided platforms. These engagements have involved antitrust disputes or regulatory actions, including relevant market definition, exclusionary conduct, monopolization, and collusion in the context of specific issues raised in technology sectors such as platform competition, multi-sided markets, or big data.

An additional significant component of our work in the technology area centers on issues surrounding intellectual property – in particular, standard essential patents (SEPs). We have provided clients with economic analyses regarding the implication of fair reason and non-discriminatory (FRAND) commitment, valuations of intellectual property portfolios, estimation of damages arising from infringement, determination of reasonable royalty rates, price erosion studies, and assessments of monopolization claims with respect to patent or copyright misuse.

Compass Lexecon economists in the technology practice area have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Injunctive Relief
  • Economic Implications of FRAND Commitment
  • Patent Strength Analysis Associated with SEP Portfolio
  • Patent Portfolios Valuations
  • Exclusionary Conduct
  • Monopolization
  • Relevant Market Definition
  • Collusion
  • Securities
  • Valuation
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Structure
  • Financial Distress
  • Damages