Labor & Employment

Labor & Employment

Compass Lexecon professionals consult extensively and offer expert testimony on a wide variety of employment matters for clients ranging in size from individuals to large corporations and industry trade associations. These matters include claims based on age, race, and gender discrimination in hiring, promotion, compensation, and termination; disputes and arbitrations between employers and groups of represented employees; work “slow downs”; employment contract violations; and violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”).

Compass Lexecon experts also analyze a variety of issues relating to executive compensation, which requires the valuation of complex elements including fringe benefits, retirement programs, and incentive payments, such as awards of restricted stock and stock options.

Our approach centers on extensive statistical analyses of information from a variety of sources, including company, industry, government, and survey data. Our experts apply economic analysis and econometric techniques, which can be decisive tools both in assessing the merit of employment-related claims and in evaluating potential economic damages.

Compass Lexecon professionals have applied their expertise in employee compensation, statistical data analysis, and the economic analysis of liability and damages issues arising in employment cases in the following areas:

  • Arbitrations Invoked by Employment Contract Disputes
  • ERISA Litigation
  • Employment Discrimination Litigation, including Class Actions
  • Challenges to Government Affirmative Action Programs
  • Workforce Affirmative Action Reviews
  • Class Certifications