The trend toward deregulation and greater reliance on market-based mechanisms has raised global interest in the use of auctions as a transparent, fair, and efficient means of allocating scarce resources. Whether selling off state assets in a deregulated industry or allocating commodities, such as wireless spectrum, financial instruments, airport access rights, or energy, governments and the private sector have increasingly turned to auctions as a way to transfer resources. Auctioneers’ implementation of appropriate auction designs and bidders’ choice of profit-maximizing bidding strategies have become critical issues facing government policymakers and business leaders in an increasing number of industries across the globe.

Compass Lexecon’s auction experts have assisted clients around the world and in numerous industries by providing auction design services, bid strategy advice, litigation support, and customized software to both bidders and sellers in many of the world’s largest auctions. Comprised of leading academic game theorists, recognized and highly credentialed auction consultants, and specialized software developers, our team delivers superior advisory services and strategic advice in high-stakes auctions.

Whether consulting with potential bidders attempting to navigate the complexities of their first auction, experienced bidders seeking to refine their bidding strategies, or a government or industry group considering an auction as an appropriate means of allocating or procuring resources, Compass Lexecon’s team of auction experts provides the experience, expertise, and straightforward advice clients require.

We have provided auction-related consulting and advisory services to a broad range of clients, including the following:

  • Global Telecommunications Corporations
  • Internet Companies
  • Large Energy Firms
  • Major Airlines