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The EU Competition Procedures from the Perspective of an Economist: Decision Theory and Legal Process in EU Competition Law

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Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon EMEA, Jorge Padilla authored a chapter in the Regulation 1/2003 and EU Antitrust Enforcement: A Systematic Guide on EU competition procedures, including decision theory and the legal process in EU competition law from the perspective of an Economist.


The guide includes a systematised article-by-article expert commentary on Regulation 1/2003, with additional insights and critical views by highly experienced and qualified authors, providing an in-depth examination of the Regulation’s legal achievements, implications and promise for the future.

Each of the Regulation’s articles analyses and covers the following aspects:

outstanding and problematic issues.

In conjunction with the article commentaries, ‘boxes’ have been added on specific issues of particular salience. The book’s second part includes critical reflections on the perspectives from members and staff of the Court of Justice of the European Union and of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition and Legal Service, heads of national competition authorities and of national courts, counsel, economists, consumer organisations, and academics. A comparative analysis of various aspects of antitrust enforcement in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States has also been furnished.

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Jorge Padilla, Kluwer Law International ,Regulation 1/2003 and EU Antitrust Enforcement: A Systematic Guide(2023), https://law-store.wolterskluwer.com/s/product/regulation-12023-and-eu-antitrust-enforcement-a-systematic-guide/01t4R00000OjQEmQAN

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