12 May 2021 News

Compass Lexecon Analyzes the Economic Impact of Driver’s License Suspension Laws

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A team from the East Coast Competition practice, led by Maria Stoyadinova, is collaborating with a team from Cornerstone Research on behalf of the Appleseed Network to analyze the economic impact of driver’s license suspension laws for non-moving violations. The team is utilizing data from the North Carolina court records, as well as research from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, the Brennan Center for Justice, and the American Civil Liberties Union (among other sources) to quantify the individual and state-level costs of driver’s license suspension laws in various jurisdictions across the country, and is collaborating with the Durham Expunction and Restoration Program (DEAR). The team is also working on individual interviews and a survey of drivers impacted by driver’s license suspension laws in North Carolina. The Compass Lexecon and Cornerstone Research teams will summarize their findings in pamphlets that will be used by the Appleseed Network to advocate for changes in driver’s license suspension laws in several states.

Ms. Stoyadinova was assisted by a team at Compass Lexecon that included Siyi Chen and Allan Zhang.

A new version of Compass Lexecon is available.