01 Aug 2016 Cases

Verbund AG v. EconGas

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Compass Lexecon economists Thilo Klein and Agata Lewicka advised EconGas in antitrust litigation against Verbund AG before the Austrian Cartel Court. EconGas is a gas wholesaler belonging to the OMV Group, while Verbund AG is an Austrian electricity provider. The case concerned a long-term gas supply contract for a large gas-fired power plant in Mellach (Austria), owned by Verbund AG. Verbund AG claimed that the long-term gas supply contract foreclosed other gas suppliers and that EconGas abused its market power by charging excessive prices. Compass Lexecon submitted several reports assessing the dominance, foreclosure and excessive pricing claims. The case settled in August 2016. Compass Lexecon worked alongside Dieter Thalhammer and Andreas Zellhofer of Eisenberger & Herzog and Martin Stempkowski of Haslinger/Nagele.

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