16 Jan 2009 Cases

Transfer of Control of Stratos Global Corporation to Inmarsat, plc.

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Jon Orszag and Jay Ezrielev of Compass Lexecon were retained by Marc Williamson and John Janka of Latham & Watkins LLP on behalf of their client Inmarsat plc to assist in the application for the transfer of control of Stratos Global Corporation and subsidiaries to Inmarsat. Vizada Services LLC opposed the transaction. On January 16, 2009, the FCC granted the application, finding that the transfer of Stratos Global Corporation and subsidiaries to Inmarsat was in the public interest. The FCC also denied Vizada’s petition to oppose the transaction and further found that Vizada did not show that Inmarsat had significant market power in the international mobile satellite services market or that its acquisition of Stratos Global would give it significant market power.

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