05 Nov 2013 Cases

Pulte Homes Class Action Litigation

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This case involved a class action brought on behalf of those who purchased and/or owned homes built by Pulte Homes after January 1, 2003 containing a certain type of insulation which allegedly caused property damage. Plaintiffs retained three experts who performed different parts of a damage calculation and collectively opined that damages exceeded $1 billion. Compass Lexecon expert Rajiv Gokhale was retained to address these claims. In his report and deposition testimony in the case, Gokhale demonstrated that the Plaintiffs’ experts’ methodology was fundamentally flawed and could not be used for establishing damages on a class wide basis. In November 2013, Judge Dale Fischer of the United States District Court Central District of California issued two opinions excluding the testimony of all three of Plaintiffs’ experts and decertifying the class because Plaintiffs failed to provide a model capable of measuring restitution on a class wide basis. Gokhale was assisted by Avisheh Mohsenin in Compass Lexecon’s Chicago office. Compass Lexecon was retained by William Donovan, Jr. of Cooley LLP who successfully represented Pulte.

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