05 Nov 2009 Cases

MetLife Demutualization Litigation

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After separate class action lawsuits filed in federal and New York state courts regarding the fairness of compensation provided to policyholders in the MetLife demutualization were certified, Compass Lexecon expert Michael Keable testified at deposition in both cases that the policyholders, rather than being harmed, actually benefited from the demutualization and that plaintiffs’ experts had failed to establish that there were any damages. Just prior to the beginning of trial in federal court, both cases settled on favorable terms for our client, MetLife. Keable was assisted by Rahul Sekhar, Cliff Ang, and others in the Chicago office. We worked with Bruce Yannett, Carl Micarelli, Mark Goodman, and others at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP.

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