Jarra Creek v. Corrugated Fiberboard Manufacturers

Jarra Creek was the lead plaintiff for a class of purchasers of corrugated fiberboard products (“CFP”) who filed suit in the Federal Court of Australia in 2006 alleging a price fixing and customer allocation agreement between the two largest CFP manufacturers in Australia, Amcor Ltd. and Visy Industries Pty. Ltd. Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, acting for Jarra Creek, retained Compass Lexecon expert, Professor Daniel Rubinfeld, to address liability issues and to assess potential damages arising from the alleged cartel. After Professor Rubinfeld issued two reports detailing Amcor’s and Visy’s liability and using complex econometric models to estimate the amount the class was overcharged during the cartel, the case was settled in 2011 for approximately US$100 million plus all costs. The settlement was the highest payout for price-fixing claims in Australian legal history and over three times larger than the next largest payout. Professor Rubinfeld was supported by Dr. Duncan Cameron in the Los Angeles office. Compass Lexecon worked with Rebecca Gilsenan, Richard Ryan, Min Guo, and others at Maurice Blackburn.