14 Apr 2008 Cases

Fyffes Corp. Insider Trading Suit

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In this case, Fyffes, a large European company based in Ireland, alleged that one of its senior executives improperly traded on the basis of material inside information. Compass Lexecon and Dan Fischel were retained by Fyffes to analyze the relevant economic evidence related to this claim. After performing an extensive analysis of trading data, company performance and publicly available information, the Compass Lexecon team concluded that the economic evidence supported Fyffes’ claim. Fischel then testified in a highly publicized trial, reportedly the biggest commercial trial in Ireland’s history. The trial court initially ruled in favor of the executive but the Ireland Supreme Court reversed, agreeing with Fischel’s testimony. The case settled after remand and before the scheduled damage trial.

A new version of Compass Lexecon is available.