03 Jan 2013 Cases

FTC Investigation of Google’s Search Practices

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In January 2013, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that it had voted unanimously to close its 19-month investigation of Google, concluding that Google’s search-related practices did not stifle competition in violation of antitrust law. In particular, the Commission unanimously voted against bringing charges related to allegations of “search bias,” despite complaints by competitors that Google’s search results favor its own content and disadvantage “specialized” search websites. The FTC also found no evidence of anticompetitive conduct with regard to other search-related practices. Michael Katz, Andres Lerner, and Emmett Dacey submitted several papers, presented findings to FTC staff, and worked closely with counsel throughout the investigation. Compass Lexecon expert, Benjamin Klein also consulted with counsel on a variety of topics. The Compass Lexecon team included Janin Wimer, Aren Megerdichian, Robert Oandasan, and Seth Chapman. Compass Lexecon worked with Google’s in-house counsel and outside counsel Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati PC, including Susan Creighton, Jonathan Jacobsen, and Scott Sher.

A new version of Compass Lexecon is available.