04 Feb 2009 Cases

Flagship Theatres of Palm Desert v. Century Theatres, Inc.

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The plaintiff in this case, Flagship Theatres, alleged collusion between Century Theatres and film distributors, Sony Pictures Releasing Corporation and Universal Film Exchanges LLP, in the distribution of first-run feature films in Palm Desert, CA. Dan Rubinfeld, supported by Duncan Cameron and a Compass Lexecon team in Los Angeles, testified on behalf of Century that the practice of film “clearances” is consistent with the unilateral self-interests of exhibitors and distributors, that Century did not have market power in a properly defined relevant market, that there was no basis for plaintiff’s allegations of “circuit power” exercised by Century to coerce Sony and Universal to distribute their films adverse to their unilateral self-interest, and that there was no antitrust injury in any properly defined antitrust market. Judge Linda Lefkowitz granted summary judgment for Century on all causes of action. Century was represented by Max Blecher and David Kesselman of Blecher & Collins.

A new version of Compass Lexecon is available.