18 Jun 2009 Cases

Assessed State Aid Granted to Dell Products Poland

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Compass Lexecon experts were appointed to assess whether support to the manufacturing plant of Dell Products in Poland was compatible with European Commission State aid rules.

The aid was aimed at supporting Dell’s investment in a new plant for the production of desktops, notebooks and servers in the Łodzkie region of Poland. Our work related to the proceedings described in the Regional Aid Guidelines and the Draft Guidance on the assessment of regional aid to large investment projects.

We assessed each of the conditions set out in these guidelines by means of quantitative and qualitative analysis. One of the key tasks was to compare the Net Present Value of the investment at issue with and without the aid, in order to assess its incentive effect. In September 2009, the Commission concluded that the aid to Dell was compatible with the EC Treaty.

A new version of Compass Lexecon is available.