29 Nov 2016 Awards

Global Competition Review Names Three of Compass Lexecon's Economists Among The Top Ten Leading Women in Antitrust – More Than Any Other Firm

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Compass Lexecon is proud that three of our economists – Mary Coleman, Kirsten Edwards-Warren, and Margaret Guerin-Calvert – were among the top ten female antitrust economists recently profiled by Global Competition Review in GCR's "Women in Antitrust 2016: Economists", more than any other firm recognized. GCR periodically profiles top women competition practitioners, economists, enforcers and academics who have made outstanding contributions to their fields.

Compass Lexecon Senior Managing Director Jon Orszag said, "GCR's selection of these three economists from Compass Lexecon is particularly satisfying given our ongoing efforts to recruit and retain highly qualified women, who are underrepresented in the field of economics. We commend their strong leadership and expert roles in economics. We believe that our work – and work environment – benefit from diverse viewpoints. Mary, Kirsten, and Meg, as well as many other women on our team, not only contribute to our rigorous standards, but also are important mentors and models for other economists—both women and men—at Compass Lexecon."

Mary Coleman, an Executive Vice President based in Boston, specializes in the competitive analysis of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, and antitrust litigation, including class action certification issues. Dr. Coleman was the Deputy Director for Antitrust in the Bureau of Economics of the Federal Trade Commission where she headed the antitrust group in the Bureau of Economics and was involved in all antitrust investigations at the FTC as well as several non-enforcement projects. During her tenure at the FTC, Mary was instrumental in the efforts in the Bureau of Economics to expand the use of empirical analysis in antitrust investigations at the FTC and to foster cooperation between the economic and legal staffs. Dr. Coleman also served as a staff economist at the Federal Trade Commission. Dr. Coleman was named as one of Who's Who Legal's Competition Economists in 2016.

Kirsten Edwards-Warren, an Executive Vice President based in London, has extensive experience in mergers, having worked on over 50 cases investigated by the UK and European authorities. In addition she has advised on market studies, consumer cases and competition enforcement cases investigating tying and bundling, excessive pricing, predation, exclusive dealing, retroactive rebates, refusals to supply, vertical restraints and cartels. Ms. Edwards-Warren served as the Director of Economics at both the UK's Office of Fair Trading and at the Competition Commission. She was named one of Who's Who Legal's Competition Economists in 2016, and also featured in the Global Competition Review's Women in Antitrust Survey in 2013.

Margaret Guerin-Calvert, a Senior Consultant for Compass Lexecon and a founding director of Compass Lexecon (formerly, Competition Policy Associates) was Compass' President and then Vice Chairman of Compass Lexecon. She is widely recognized for her economic and healthcare expertise on merger and non-merger matters involving federal and international antitrust agencies and in litigation, including class certification and damages, with testifying experience in many countries. Ms. Guerin-Calvert was Assistant Chief, Economic Regulatory Section, Antitrust Division where she supervised economists on a wide range of healthcare and regulated industry matters; and was a Federal Reserve Board Economist. She is also a Senior Managing Director with FTI and President of the Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy, based in Washington, DC. She was named as one of Who's Who Legal's Competition Economists in 2016, and profiled in GCR's 2004 and 2009 Women in Antitrust.

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