27 Mar 2014 Awards

Dennis Carlton Wins Economist of the Year from Global Competition Review – Compass Lexecon Wins Multiple Awards in Total

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On March 25, 2014, the Global Competition Review (GCR) awarded Dennis Carlton, a Senior Managing Director at Compass Lexecon, its 2014 Economist of the Year award.   Professor Carlton was cited for his work on the US Airways/American Airlines merger, as well as his testimony in Toshiba’s victory against Best Buy in the LCD antitrust litigation.  The GCR Economist of the Year award was previously presented to Compass Lexecon’s Jorge Padilla (2012) and Janusz Ordover (2011).

Compass Lexecon is also proud to announce that our team served publicly as economists in the following categories:

  • Matter of the Year: US Airways/American Airlines merger.  For the third straight year, Compass Lexecon worked on the GCR Matter of the Year.  The Compass Lexecon team working on the US Airways/American Airlines merger included Dennis Carlton, Janusz Ordover, Dan Kasper, Rajiv Gokhale, Mark Israel, Chip Bamberger, Darin Lee, Yair Eilat, Lynette Neumann, Eugene Orlov, Theresa Sullivan, Eric Amel, Bo Bourke, Jonathan Bowater, Mike Easterly, Jay Ezrielev, David Fenichel, Joseph Goodman, Nauman Ilias, Bryan Keating, Neal Lenhoff, Bich Ly, Ian MacSwain, Avisheh Mohsenin, David Molin, Greg Pelnar, Hans-Jürgen Petersen, Jonathan Polonsky, Jeff Raileanu, Michael Sabor, Rohini Sadarangani, Dan Stone, and Jonathan Williams.
  • Merger Control of the Year – Americas: Office Max/Office Depot merger. Compass Lexecon’s work on the Merger of the Year in the Americas was led by Jonathan Orszag, Eugene Orlov, Dan Stone, Neal Lenhoff, Joseph Goodman, and Jonathan Williams.
  • Behavioral Matter of the Year – Americas: Defense of Visa/Mastercard before Competition Tribunal.  Professor Ken Elzinga, a Compass Lexecon Senior Consultant, testified on behalf of Visa and MasterCard in this matter.  Professor Elzinga was supported by Compass Lexecon’s Princeton office, including John Bigelow and Emily Petkas.

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