Damages Strip


Damages are a critical element in nearly all civil litigation. Compass Lexecon’s expertise in damages analyses applies to litigation in antitrust, securities, intellectual property, employment discrimination, and breach of contract cases. Compass Lexecon’s economists use a combination of thorough analysis and clear exposition to evaluate damages and proposed settlements. Experts from Compass Lexecon have testified on a wide range of damages issues in state and federal courts as well as before U.S. and international arbitration panels.

Compass Lexecon delivers independent, objective analysis underscored by a high level of economic and statistical expertise. The firm has the capacity to handle and evaluate very large volumes of data. Our experts apply economic and econometric techniques to estimate profits, prices, earnings, or asset valuations that would have existed absent the alleged wrongful conduct. Economic losses are then estimated by comparing these values to actual observed profits, prices, earnings, or asset valuations. Our experts also provide a thorough financial analysis to determine the appropriate present value of those losses.

Compass Lexecon economists provide damages analyses in virtually any context, including:

• Antitrust

• Securities Fraud

• Intellectual Property

• Punitive Damages

• Transfer Pricing

• Employment and Labor