Mergers & Acquisition Litigation

Mergers & Acquisition Litigation

Compass Lexecon is consistently hired in litigation relating to the largest, most complex, and highest profile M&A transactions in the country. Our expertise involves evaluating the economic impact of decisions made by directors, management, activist investors, and other shareholders involved in M&A transactions.

Compass Lexecon’s roster of world-class M&A experts allow us to play a role evaluating all aspects of an M&A transaction, including the price paid in the transaction, the processes undertaken by the parties to the transaction, the market’s assessment of the transaction, and the details of the merger agreement itself.

Our focus on the economics of the decisions made by directors and management allows us to evaluate M&A transactions regardless of industry or sector, as the economic theories we apply are universal. We are constantly reviewing the most current academic literature and trends in the field of M&A economics and applying the most cutting-edge techniques to our analyses.

Compass Lexecon’s experts have testified in a wide range of M&A related matters, including:

  • Delaware Appraisal Actions
  • Allegations of Breaches of Fiduciary Duty
  • Corporate Governance Disputes
  • Material Adverse Effect Disputes
  • Transactions with Complex Structures
  • Proxy Contests
  • Activist Investor Actions
  • Voting Issues
  • Due Diligence