23 Jun 2008 Newsletters

Compass Lexecon June Client Newsletter June 2008

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After a period of active and successful collaboration between COMPASS and Lexecon, our two firms merged on January 1, 2008, creating Compass Lexecon. We now have offices in Chicago, Washington D.C., Cambridge, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Tucson. We also expect to open an office in New York in the near future.

Our preeminent competition, finance, energy and general litigation practices are now stronger than ever. We have developed cutting-edge expertise and extensive experience in a range of areas, including credit markets, derivatives and credit default swaps, private equity, the use of innovative econometric techniques to analyze the competitive and synergistic effects of mergers, economic analysis of the requirements for class certification, sophisticated tests of the competitive effects and rationales of challenged business practices, and the determinants of energy prices. We continue to be retained in a high percentage of the biggest and most complex cases and transactions. For example, Deal.com lists mergers that publicly received Second Requests from either the Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission. A review of that list shows that Compass Lexecon experts are typically retained in close to 75 percent of these mergers. Because of our reputation for excellence and track record of success, we continue to attract and employ the most highly qualified professionals.

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