18 Apr 2018 Awards

Compass Lexecon Ranks First in GAR 100 Expert Witness Firms' Power Index

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We are pleased to announce that Compass Lexecon has been recognized as the top expert witness firm by Global Arbitration Review (GAR) in the GAR 100 Expert Witness Firms' Power Index. GAR's Power Index results were released at the 8th Annual GAR Awards Ceremony, which took place in Paris on April 12, 2018.

GAR's Power Index looks at information gathered from international arbitration hearings to quantify the activity of expert firms over a two year period. Using data reported by GAR 100 law firms, the model assesses the average and median size of claims handled by expert firms, and weighs the number of appearances at hearings, the number of experts featured in GAR's Who's Who Legal Expert Witness list and those voted as Thought Leaders in industry surveys.

GAR reports that Compass Lexecon's "...average value of claim (just north of US$2.7 billion) is particularly impressive when compared to some of the other high-volume practices." Further, GAR notes that "Compass Lexecon had the highest median value of claim. From our review of law firm hearings, it appears that 18 of the arbitrations on which it was appointed had claims of over US$1 billion, and three of those were over US$10 billion."

Compass Lexecon's international arbitration practice has more than 45 full-time economists exclusively dedicated to, and intimately familiar with arbitration dispute matters, both at the commercial and investor-state level and across multiple industries. In 2018, Compass Lexecon had 15 experts featured in Who's Who Legal's list, with 52 participations at hearings. In addition, Dr. Manuel A. Abdala and Professor Pablo T. Spiller were named as among the top six Thought Leaders in Arbitration in North America.

In addition, Compass Lexecon's international arbitration practice often leverages the expertise of Compass Lexecon's more than 250 full-time economists, across its 20 offices located around the globe, with experience in a variety of fields in economics and finance. Complex arbitration proceedings require experts with specialized insight into the economic, regulatory and financial issues at the center of these disputes. With considerable expertise in a wide range of arbitration matters as well as deep industry and governmental experience, our international arbitration practice provides authoritative analysis in complex arbitration cases involving multinational parties.

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