Mark Rodini

Vice President


Dr. Mark Rodini is a Vice President with Compass Lexecon based in Oakland. Dr. Rodini has almost 10 years of experience providing complex economic and econometric analysis in antitrust and intellectual property litigation matters related to price fixing, territorial restraints, monopolization, patent infringement, and mergers. His engagements have included analysis of damages, liability and class certification. His experience covers a variety of industries, including intercollegiate athletics, computer memory and hardware devices, display panels, cathode ray tubes, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, telecommunications, food products, and fine tableware.  He has also worked on an engagement involving mutual fund market timing and on a public policy matter analyzing the cost of state contracting of engineers. Dr. Rodini holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

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    • PhD in Economics, University of California, Berkeley
    • MA in Economics, University of California, Berkeley
    • BA in Mathematical Economics, International Relations and Italian, University of California, Berkeley

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