Duncan Cameron

Senior Consultant

Los Angeles

Duncan Cameron is a Senior Consultant with Compass Lexecon based in Los Angeles. Dr. Cameron is a leading expert in antitrust, damage analysis and intellectual property. He has extensive experience in applying economic analysis to the competitive effects of mergers, joint ventures, vertical restraints, monopolization, tying, price fixing, price discrimination, market definition, damage assessment, breach of contract, securities fraud, patent infringement and regulatory matters. His analyses have covered a wide range of industries, including basic manufacturing (e.g. paper, mining, oil and gas, food processing and distribution, chemicals), high-tech manufacturing (e.g. aircraft and avionics, surgical and diagnostic equipment, precision optical equipment, computer hardware, software and peripherals) and services (e.g. professional sports, banking). Dr. Cameron has testified before Federal agencies, State and Federal courts, Competition Bureau Canada, and the European Commission in a number of these matters. In addition, he has provided economic advice in non-litigation matters related to business valuation, franchising, marketing, medical care cost containment, and corporate strategy.

Dr. Cameron has published papers on the proper treatment of vertical integration in antitrust analysis, market definition, the relationship between market share and market power, hospital mergers, and medical care cost containment. He is a Research Professor of Economics at the University of Utah and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California Los Angeles. Prior to joining Compass Lexecon (formerly COMPASS), Dr. Cameron served as a Managing Director at LECG and a Senior Vice President of Capital Economics. He has taught at UCLA, California State University Long Beach, George Mason University, and California State University Los Angeles.

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    • PhD in Economics, University of California
    • MA in Economics, University of California
    • BA in Economics, Michigan State University

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