Andrey Zhukov



Dr. Andrey Zhukov is an Economist with Compass Lexecon, based in London.

Andrey uses economic, game-theoretic and econometric tools to inform optimal competition policies. Recently, he has focused on establishing FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms of licensing standard essential patents.
Before joining Compass Lexecon, Andrey worked as a data analyst for user acquisition at Rovio Entertainment, where he developed statistical tools to optimize multi-million investment into digital advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google.

Andrey acquired a Ph.D. in Economics from Aalto University. In his doctoral research, he applied game-theoretic tools to analyse voluntary disclosure of information and signalling through actions in markets and market-like settings.

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    • D.Phil. Economics, Aalto University
    • MSc. Economics, University of Helsinki
    • BSc. Economics, Tula State University

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